Volunteers needed

Join the Yonex Belgian International crew!

The Yonex Belgian International will take place for the 13nd time. From 13 to 16 September 2017 Sportoase Leuven will be a true badminton temple. Every year a lot of people put a lot of effort into this event, making a succes out of it. Among them also a bunch of highly motivated volunteers. As a volunteer you get an unique opportunity to have a look behind the scenes of an international tournament. Did you just get interested in being a part of our crew? Well then, register now!

What do we expect from you?

By being your enthusiastic self while fulfilling some tasks you help us in organizing a high standards international tournament. Among these tasks we have: buildup , decoration and breakdown of the venue, VIP, ticket control, ticket booth and reception, meal control, logistics, transportation, media, promotions, exposition, etcetera. Below you can find a detailed description of these tasks. Register at least for one complete day. Volunteers who are available for multiple days will be selected first. You can apply for several tasks if you want. If you have any specific skills (eg: catring), use the remarks in the registration form to inform us. It is an advantage to speak multiple languages.

What do you get from us?

  • Lunch and dinner for each complete day you work and water and coffee during the day.
  • Free spot at the youth hostel ‘De Blauwput’.
  • Teambuilding and briefing together with all volunteers at the Yonex Center before the start of the tournament on Friday, the 1st of September from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.
  • A free “Crew” T-shirt
  • An additional friends and family ticket. If you volunteer on more then one day you will receive an all day ticket.
  • Free entrance for yourself during the complete event.
  • Travel and parking expenses are not refunded.


You can register yourself as a volunteer until August 21 using this link.

Tasks overview


  • Preparing the sports hall: installing courts and nets
  • Decorating the sports hall: placing boardings and mats around the courts, bringing in plants, covering windows, putting up flags, preparing dressing rooms, …
  • Timing: Tuesday, September 12


  • The turnaround of the sports hall after the semi finals: reconfigure courts, boardings, mats, and plants
  • Building up the VIP stage
  • Timing: Saturday, September 16 between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm


  • Remove badminton courts, boarding, plants and tidy up all other materials
  • Breakdown of the VIP stage
  • Bringing the sports hall back to it’s original state
  • Timing: Saturday evening and Sunday starting from 9:00 am


  • Selling tickets and all day passes at the ticket booth at Sportoase Leuven
  • Registration of pre-sold online tickets
  • Putting on wrist bands
  • Checking invitations and welcoming invitees
  • Handing out player’s badges
  • Giving out leaflets
  • T-shirts sale
  • Timing: during the whole event


  • Checking player’s badges and spectator’s wrist bands at the entrance of the arena
  • Welcoming the spectators
  • Handing out leaflets
  • Timing: September 13 to 16


  • Keeping the arena clean during the event
  • Fill drinks supply
  • Cleaning the courts after the games
  • Timing: September 13 to 16


  • Prepare and test shuttles
  • Sorting used and new shuttles
  • Making ready the new shuttles for each game
  • Timing: September 13 to 16


  • Assist at the live streaming of Badminton Europe
  • Timing: September 13 to 16


  • Actively sell T-shirts in the arena during the finales
  • Timing: September 16


  • Check the meal vouchers of volunteers, staff and officials during lunch and dinner
  • Timing: during the whole event


  • Preparing the VIP room: champagne tables, refrigerate beverages,…
  • Welcoming VIPs and checking wrist bands
  • Serving food and drinks
  • Accompany VIPs to their seats
  • Experience in waitering is an advantage!
  • Timing: Saturday, September 16


  • Supporting external partners
  • Coordination of stands and the exposition itself
  • Buildup of stands and decoration of the exposition location
  • Possibly man a stand
  • It is not possible to watch the games from the location of the exposition
  • Timing: Saturday, September 16


  • Unforeseen, unplanned tasks
  • Run errands, transporting injured players, assist at other tasks, …
  • You need to have a valid drivers license
  • Timing: during the whole event


  • Transporting players, officials, organization members and volunteers from and to the airport, hotel, venue, …
  • Tournament vans are provided by a sponsor
  • Being available for at least one whole day, preferably multiple days
  • Hotel arrangement available if needed
  • Timing: September 11 to 17

If you have any questions or remarks, please mail mercedes@badmintonvlaanderen.be

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